Image in Base64

Base64 conversion service online. You can use the resulting string as URL data (data: URL) for the img tag, via src, CSS background-url, etc. Sometimes it becomes necessary to send or output an image in a text document (e.g. HTML, CSS, JSON, XML), but you cannot do that because binary characters will corrupt the syntax of the text document. To avoid this, you can Base64 encode the image and embed it safely. The Base64 encoder accepts any type of image up to 10 MB in size (larger size is possible, it all depends on the capacity of your device). If you are looking for the reverse process, select Base64 to Image.

Set the desired output format
DownloadThe result of the encoded image will appear here

How to convert image to Base64 online

  1. Select an image from your computer.
  2. Select the desired output format if necessary.
  3. Click the Base64 Encode button.
  4. Copy the result from the field.

An image to Base64 converter generates ready-made examples depending on the selected output format. It automatically detects the content type of the uploaded image, so you just have to copy the finished result.