Gravity calculation

Gravity is a force that acts on any physical body located near the surface of the Earth or any other astronomical body. Gravity calculation formula:
F = m * g, where F – gravity in newtons; m – body weight in kilograms; g – acceleration of free fall in м/с2.


Gravity Calculator (F)

Body mass (kg)
Acceleration of gravity (m/s2)

The earth is like a magnet and attracts everything to itself, causing rocks and other heavy bodies to fall towards the center of the Earth if nothing holds them. The force of gravity of the Earth is called the weight of the body. Since weight is a force, it can be measured with a scale.

Acceleration of free fall on planets and nearby satellites (for reference):
on the moon = 1.62 м/с2
on Mercury = 3.68 м/с2
on Venus = 8.88 м/с2
on Mars = 3.86 м/с2
on Jupiter = 23.95 м/с2
on Saturn = 10.44 м/с2
on Uranus = 8.86 м/с2
on Neptune= 11.09 м/с2
in the sun = 273.1 м/с2
on the ground = 9.81 м/с2