Find the area of ​​a cube

A cube is a simple shape, and it would be reasonable to assume that there is a simple formula for calculating its surface area. All sides of a cube are the same length, and all faces are the same area. Since a cube has six faces, all you have to do is calculate the area of ​​one face and multiply by 6 to find the total surface area.


The area of ​​the cube through the length of the rib

Cube edge length a

Sample question

1) How to find the area of ​​a Surface of a Cube?

Explanation: the surface area of ​​the cube = 6A 2 , where a is the side length of each edge of the cube. In other words, since all sides of the cube are equal, a is only the length of one side of the cube. We have 96 = 6a 2 → a 2 = 16, so this is the area of ​​one face of the cube. Solving, we get √16, so a = 4

2) How to find the surface area of ​​a cube, the side of the cube is 5 cm long, what is the total surface area of ​​the cube?

Explanation: The cube has 6 faces. The area of ​​each face is determined by squaring the length of the side. 5 * 5 = 25 Multiply the area of ​​one face by the number of faces to get the total surface area Cuba. 25 * 6 = 150