Find the link on the site page

As you know, links play an important role in website promotion, so their availability and quality must be constantly monitored. From the point of view of HTML (hypertext markup language), there are several types of links: anchor, non-anchor and in the form of an image.  SEO optimizers may need this service first of all to check for links, search for hidden links, or quickly extract all links from a large HTML document.

Page address(URL, page address)
What to look for (text, part of the text; url, part of the URL; if left empty, it will show all the links found)
In the original version (does not lead to: http://host/href )

How to search for links

In order to find the link you need, first of all you need to specify the address of the page or the domain where you want to search. Example: After that, you need to write a keyword in the search field, it can be a link anchor or a link URL, you can also write only part of the text.

After clicking Start searching you will see all the links found. If you leave the search field blank, the program will show all the links found.

When to use our service

  • To search for links in a large document
  • Check your site for hidden links
  • If you need to check the availability of your link on the partner’s website
  • Search for broken links (broken)
  • To count the number of all links on a page