Hexagon Calculator

A regular hexagon, a polygon with 6 vertices, calculate its parameters. A hexagon is a figure from which you can put a mosaic (tile). Enter one of the known values. Then click calculate.


Hexagon Calculator

Side length (a)
Large diagonal (d1)
Smaller diagonal (d2)
Perimeter (p)
Square (S)
Radius of the inscribed circle (r)


d = 2 * a
d2 = √3 * a
p = 6 * a
S = 3/2 * √3 * a2
r = √3 / 2 * a
Height = d2 = 2 * r
Circle radius = a
Internal angles: 120°, 9 diagonals

S is the area, p is the perimeter
The sides and angles are equal to each other
Short diagonals form a hexogram
The long diagonals form six equilateral triangles, with the long edge a
Inscribed and circumscribed circle