Sorting text

This online service will complete the lyrics in the alphabetical order. For the start of the service, the text in the corresponding field must be entered into.
Instead, set up any symbol to divide the text. With the help of some text, it will be divided into several parts. Establish a symbol that will be divided into parts of the text after their “decomposition”.


The following dividers are used for the quarry: a point with a squeezed, sampled, squeezed and transferred page.

Select a separator for the entered text
Заменить разделитель для результата
Reverse Sort Order
Remove duplicates

Additional features of the online text sorting service:

  • Replace separator in the resulting set of text parts
  • Select reverse sort function
  • Service can delete duplicates

Priorities for sorting text: first, words starting with a capital letter are sorted, then with a capital letter. If there are numbers in the text, then our algorithm arranges them in descending or ascending order.