Transfer files from phone to computer

The question of how to transfer photos from a phone to a computer arises among gadget users quite often. The easiest and fastest way to download any files to your PC is to use our online service. To transfer photos to a computer, you do not need any additional programs, just as it does not matter what operating system of an iPhone or Android phone you only need the Internet to download a photo.

Select photos or other files on your phone
Saving to server

How to use the online service for transferring photos and files to PC

For the online service to work, you do not need to install additional software, as well as connect your phone to a computer. It does not matter at all what operating system is installed on the computer, be it Windows, Linux, Mac OS or any other. Our service allows you to transfer photos from all existing operating systems installed on your phone or PC.

To transfer files or photos, you need to click on the “Select files” button. Then, on your phone, select the photos or other files that you want to transfer (mark them). After selecting the files, press the “Finish” button on the phone.

After that, you need to select the required settings before uploading files:

  • in which archive you would like to download photos (it will be faster and more convenient) to your computer
  • do not archive, then you will have to download each file separately (it will take longer).

Then click on the “Start Download” button. We need to wait until the photos and files are uploaded to our server. After downloading, you will receive a unique code assigned to your downloaded files.

To transfer photos and other files to your computer, you will need to access this site through your computer or other device to which you want to save the files. Enter the unique code of your files in the appropriate field and click on the “Download” button. After that, links to your files will appear, you just need to click on the link.


The following formats are available for transferring files

  • for photos: jpg, jpeg, gif, eps, png, pict, pdf, pcx, ico, cdr, ai, swg, WebP, AviF and some others.
  • for video: MPEG-1,2,3,4, 3GP, ASF, AVI and others
  • other files: TXT, doc, docx, exel, word, mp3, zip, rar and other most common
  • not allowed for forwarding: EXE, script, php and other executable files
  • file size limitation: up to 100 MB for files, for videos up to 400 MB
  • links to your files, as well as the files themselves, are stored on our server for 40 minutes, after which they are automatically erased beyond recovery, if you did not manage to download during this time, you will need to re-upload the data to the server

Privacy Policy. All files uploaded to the online service are not subject to transfer or distribution to third parties. Stored on the server for 40 minutes and then deleted permanently.