Area of ​​a parallelepiped

A parallelepiped is a three-dimensional shape with six faces bounded by three pairs of parallel planes, so all of its faces are parallelograms. Essentially, it is formed by the six sides of a parallelogram to produce a three-dimensional figure or prism that has a parallelogram base.


Area of ​​a parallelepiped

Rib length а
Rib length b
Rib length c

Box Properties

  • A box is a 3D shape.
  • Has 6 faces.
  • It has 12 edges and 8 vertices.
  • The faces of the parallelepiped are parallelogram.
  • This is a prism with a parallelogram at the base.
  • Each side is opposite parallel.
  • The diagonal of each face is called the face diagonal.
  • The diagonal of the three-dimensional body of the box is called the diagonal of the body.